Resume clean energy to avoid outages |

Resume clean energy to avoid outages

While watching the recent wildfires in Basalt and receiving notice of possible power outages due to fire damage of transmission mains supplying power for Holy Cross Electric and the upper Roaring Fork Valley, it occurred to me how dependent we are upon the outside for power.

We must never take for granted our insulated paradise known as Aspen. Fire, flood or storm can at any time disrupt life in the resort of Aspen, too. And it has happened. In 1961, an early, heavy wet snow on Labor Day weekend raised havoc with power from downvalley. Aspen was without outside power for several days. But fortunately, Aspen still had a local hydro-electric power source which was pressed into service during that outage.

Can it happen again? Yes, but we do not have, at present, a local turbine in place to provide emergency power service. Can we correct this? Yes, and prudence dictates that we do. Contact your city council member. Ask them to restore clean hydro-electric energy for Aspen, especially for just such emergencies.


Jim Markalunas