Restaurants and hotels care only about themselves

I write this letter in dismay of how the county board of public health has failed this county and its citizens.

As a hospitality worker and medical office worker, I am on the front lines in this county and we have not preserved this magical landscape. COVID-19 is running rampant and the restaurant/hotels are running a muck in this town and only to the detriment of us, the people who live here.

There is a direct correlation to influx of tourism and COVID-19 spikes. The hospitality industry is ignoring guidelines for capacity and nobody is holding them accountable! These businesses have received millions upon millions in PPP and SBA loans, but that is not enough.

They need more, and worse off are those of us who have no recourse once we have contracted COVID-19 and cannot go to work. Where is the humanity? Where is the accountability? Are we to allow the restaurants and hotels to regulate themselves? I want thriving business as much as my neighbor, but at what cost?

Donald Hueckels