Response to trail survey |

Response to trail survey

There should not be a trail. Taking private property and negatively impacting wildlife is unacceptable. Any reasonable cost benefit analysis demonstrates this is a project that shouldn’t happen. If accurately quoted in the June 19, 2018, edition of The Aspen Times, Pitkin County Open Space and Trails Director Gary Tennebaum stated “the county will not pursue the taking, of properties aka condemnation.”

If this is the case then the entire discussion is over. The landowners won’t agree to an easement or a right of way. That shifts the conversation to the Highway 133 option which at $100 million makes it not an option. Why not spend the money on fire prevention, drug education/counseling, prenatal care, suicide prevention or beef up the law enforcement budget? I further question Tennebaum’s statement because he does not have the power or authority to bind the commissioners on the matter, much less future administrations. Give it up already.

Michael G. Rosenberg

El Jebel