Resilient workers in Glenwood Springs |

Resilient workers in Glenwood Springs

Editor: The following letter also was sent to the city manager, city attorney and elected council members of Glenwood Springs.

As a frequent shopper in Glenwood Springs, I am not “deeply disappointed” in the minimal delayed opening of the new roundabout at 27th Street and Grande Avenue, an opinion expressed by certain members of the community.

After driving through the construction zone many times without incident, I want to thank the contractor Ralph L. Wadsworth for keeping safety the top priority when the crews were working through rain, snow, ice, hail and mud, which can clearly be seen in the Glenwood Post Independent and Aspen Times photo Dec. 15.

The contractor’s steadfast work reminds that when people are impatient to get things done, we should remember that “men are mere mortals” and the contractor did not take a break through all the unpredictable weather conditions as some contractors would.

Looking forward to more shopping in Glenwood Springs especially after a swim and a soak in either the town’s famous hot pools — Glenwood Springs Hot Springs or Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

Happy holidays.

Toni Kronberg