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Required reading

Required reading

Dear Editor:

Amory Lovins has made a remarkable gift to the town of Aspen and to anyone concerned about climate change and the urgent need to take action against it. Acting entirely on his own as a private citizen, Amory studied the city’s proposed Castle Creek Hydro Project and has written a carefully researched, gracious, and completely convincing 33-page analysis of the proposal, supplemented by 12 pages of comments on sources cited by the city.

His writing is elegant, clear, concise and lucid. I commend it to everyone — not just the decision makers.

Amory is the founder and leading light of the Rocky Mountain Institute, “an independent think-and-do tank that drives the efficient and restorative use of resources.” He’s the recipient of countless honors in his field, and has been rightly described as “the most articulate writer on energy in the whole world today.”

Surely it’s no disgrace to attend to his message, whereas people who obviously haven’t bothered to read it and then claim to “disagree” with it are being disingenuous, to put it as charitably as possible.

Amory’s message includes a thorough financial analysis, and takes into account aspects of the city’s version that they have omitted: things like accrued interest on the money to be invested, and the fact that the plant couldn’t run at full power for much of the winter and during times of drought are just a couple of examples.

He also points out that there are numerous cheaper, smarter, faster, and less

controversial ways to achieve the city’s stated goal of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, and that this is true even allowing for the fact that a considerable amount of money has already been spent.

So far I believe that mayoral candidates Maurice Emmer and Adam Frisch have actually found time to read the report, and I certainly hope all the decision makers and interested citizens take time to read it too, whether before or after the election.

Amory has also offered to meet with city representatives, and I hope they’ll jump at the chance and realize how fortunate we are to have that opportunity.

Connie Harvey


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