Republicans aren’t helping create healthy communities |

Republicans aren’t helping create healthy communities

I’m pretty tired of buttercup Republicans spewing cliched nonsensical talking points. It is a sad day when high school students have more good sense than a sheriff. Lou Vallario likely wants his deputies to be met by an assault rifle with high capacity clips so he can bring in his bearcat.

Yes we do blame the cars for fatalities, and spend billions to make them safer. The Colorado Department of Transportation spends other billions to improve the roads for safety, even while buttercups are stealing their funding.

Buttercup abortion rants about late-term are uninformed — 1 percent have something very wrong happening to the mother or baby. Their defunding of Planned Parenthood is uninformed. In Colorado in 2015 they prevented 60,000 teen pregnancies and another 20,000 unwanted pregnancies with IUDs and other birth-control devices. They fully inform and test when the woman wants to go full-term and become a single mom. Buttercups rant about abortions, but as soon as the baby is born they drop our programs for child care, health, education or support for a mother struggling with mercenary buttercups they rent from and work for at a minimum wage.

Pea brained parrots would do a better job of creating a healthy community.

John Hoffmann


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