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Republican priorities

Republicans seem focused on the thought that with a country that is 50-50 Democrat and Republican, the pendulum is bound to swing to satisfy each group in turn. I would have thought 99-1. But upon consideration I realized that 50-50 is a Republican construct. That 100 percent of the people in the country want clean air, water and healthy soil to grow nutritious food. We all want a safe neighborhood and a comfortable home, gainful employment that pays a living wage and health care we can afford. We all need infrastructure that can only be provided by a government, like roads, an electric grid and communication cables, and laws to keep toxins out of our lives.

Thanks to gerrymandering, we do have a 50-50 split in Congress, but the Republican half seems focused on taking the above away or making it cost prohibitive in the name of inflated corporate profits that engorge CEO wages.

John Hoffman