Rep. Boebert can’t unring the bell of D.C. violence

Rep Lauren Boebert (R-Rifle) hasn’t even been serving her term for a full week and she’s already gone to great lengths to embarrass Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District and the state as a whole.

She’s readily joined in with a caucus of politicians who have made it their stated goal to disenfranchise entire states simply because they didn’t like the way they voted. They cite legions of fraudulent votes, but they’ve failed to provide even the slightest bit of evidence. Indeed, the only documented case of “dead people voting” was a man from Pennsylvania using his dead mother’s ballot to vote for Donald Trump. I don’t like how the Broncos have been playing of late, but we don’t get to disqualify Kansas City simply to appease John Elway’s ego.

The persona she’s fabricated is nothing more than fiction. The fact that she got voted in makes me question the humanity, empathy and sanity of many in our district.

But Wednesday, she took it even further. Tweeting “Today is 1776” before heading the Capital to object to fair and free elections, Lauren and her colleagues got what they wanted. They got an insurrection where mobs of Trump supporters stormed the capital leaving death and destruction in their wake. She has since tried to spin her words, but anyone who hasn’t consumed the Kool-Aid can clearly see she’s trying to retcon her words and actions, hoping time will allow her part in flaming Wednesday’s events will fade into the background.

I will not forget what she’s done and enabled. Nor will I forgive. I will work to make sure she, like her idol Trump, is a one-term official.

Sean Braisted