Remove Trump to slow death toll |

Remove Trump to slow death toll

COVID-19 is now killing about a 1,000 people a day. El Paso, Texas, is bringing in refrigerator trucks for the dead. Many hospitals are maxed out with virus cases. It is getting worse. The hospital staffs are at the breaking point. Imagine yourself working 12-hour shifts while wrapped in protective clothing. Several of your patients may die. You are afraid to go home to your family because you may have the virus. There is no end in sight. If you get sick and can’t work you won’t have enough money to get by on.

This is totally a national crisis of a scale that has not been seen in more than 100 years. One hospital, one county, or one state cannot win this fight. Only the nation, of 50 states, can deal with a problem this severe. This nation fought the Revolutionary War to form itself, fought the War of 1812 to continue, and fought the Civil War to solidify the nation.

National problems require national responses. Only the central government has the resources and the authority to deal with so large and so deadly a challenge. Even in giant state or regional problems, it is normal for “emergencies” to be declared to enlist the power of the federal government.

Only the federal government has the ability to manage this fight. The head of our government is President Donald Trump. Recently, he said that the virus would go away Nov. 4. He said we were “turning the corner” for the better. Those things are not happening.

I believe the president must be removed from the office right now. He is completely failing in his primary responsibility to protect the American people. Mike Pence could take over. If Pence does not feel up to it, go down the line of succession. If that does not work, Joe Biden should start early. With 66 days to go, this could mean another 66,000 to die.

Patrick Hunter


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