Relocate Aspen school campus bike trail |

Relocate Aspen school campus bike trail

The bike trail that goes through the Aspen School District is concerning because right now it goes through the high school parking lot from the trail off of Maroon Creek, down to the middle school parking lot and then down the hill to the Maroon Creek Road. I think we should relocate the bike trail so it doesn’t go through the campus.

First of all, the bike trail can be a safety issue for the students and teachers of the Aspen School District because people can just walk into campus and possibly do something to the schools. Second, if it were relocated it would be not as confusing for the tourists who ride on the bike path in the summer, which would be better for the tourists who don’t know Aspen that well.

If we could move it so it goes down the road that goes to Maroon Creek, then it could solve these problems and kids and adults can feel safer.

Nicholas Hearn

Aspen Middle School