Release the Mueller report

Representative government or the Trump alternative? “There is no collusion!” says Trump.

Let’s look it up: American Heritage Dictionary — collude: to be in collusion; act together secretly; connive.

From Latin: colludere: together + ludere to play, deceive, from ludus, game

Collusion: a secret agreement between two or more persons for a deceitful or fraudulent purpose. Conspiracy — a synonym

Collusive (adj.) secretly arranged for fraudulent purposes

Last time I checked, most of us could read, understand, and make independent conclusions about information delivered to us in interviews, newspapers or directly (as in “rallies”).

Most of us can and are willing to read a 300-page report that was commissioned by our political representatives and paid for by tax funding. We don’t need Classic Comics or Cliff’s Notes to summarize a report for us.

And, I believe, each of us can interpret another’s comments and findings regarding the management of our representative government. Those whom we hire to supervise the management of governance of our nation have the obligation to be open to those who “hired” them.

Members of Congress and the president were hired by the people who selected them for the office each holds. It is our obligation to review and comment on (through our vote) the actions outlined in the Mueller report.

The Mueller report must be open to the public for review.

Dorothea Farris