Reject Trump and Republicans |

Reject Trump and Republicans

This is the most important election in my lifetime. I first voted in 1968, as an independent I normally split my ticket. This time I am anti-Trump and Trump Republicans at every level. They support our enemies, are destroying our environment, weakening the middle class, and undermining our republic.

Trump’s vaunted tax cut is not working, Mitch McConnell is suggesting cutting Social Security, Medicare and other social programs to address the deficit that their tax cut created, $1.7 trillion to $2 trillion going to the top 1 percent. The deficit represents $6,060 for every man, woman and child in America; the average family is 3.14 people, which amounts to $19,028 going to the top 1 percent. If you laid $2 trillion worth of $1 bills end to end they would go from the Earth to the moon (round trip) over 30 times, and would weigh 2.19 million tons, the weight of 22 Ford class aircraft carriers, and if stacked would be 126,262 miles high!

Trump is undermining our environment at every turn, he does not believe in global warming, and like the supreme dictator he desires to be, he has had any mention of global warming or climate change expunged from EPA documents — if you do not see it in writing, according to Trump, it does not exist. It will exist for our grandchildren as will the Republicans’ deficit. Will our descendants be living, if we survive, indoors and be unable to go outside without a protective suit, just like Mars, but without the long trip?

Trump denies that Russia affected our 2016 election, because it undermines his fragile ego. He has sided with Vladimir Putin and accepts Vlad’s assertions that nothing happened. Let’s see how much they interfere with the midterms and if Trump ignores that, too.

Vote against Trump!

Richard Hampleman