Reject Gorsuch proposal |

Reject Gorsuch proposal

Dear Aspen City Council members,

I am writing to oppose the development of Gorsuch Haus.

It will obstruct the mountain views, essentially close a ski run, replacing it with a huge structure, compromise access to emergency vehicles assisting in injured skier transport and create a traffic mess on Aspen Street. The negatives far outweigh any perceived positives.

Why were the project’s story poles removed mere hours after they were put up? Obviously this slick move took place because the developers want to conceal the mass and size of their project.

The property is zoned “conservation.” What about this proposed development is consistent with “conservation”?

The city’s Planning and Zoning Commission, whose expertise is supported by taxpayers, has voted unanimously to reject the Gorsuch Haus application. The Aspen City Council should do the same.

Terri Prunskis

Barrington Hills, Illinois