Regional housing authority concept is flawed

The Regional Housing Authority proposal seems like an attempt to put private-enterprise impacts on the taxpayer shoulders. The housing mitigation methods probably need adjusting and that is the solution. Since Aspen Skiing Co. and related companies are probably the biggest housing-demand makers, why are not they doing more?

This complex regional proposal, as I understand it, would put a system in place for perpetual growth cycles to occur: more housing, and then at some point there will be an excess of workers, so there will be a call for more jobs for the workers, and then more housing … that is not the bad part.

Having a regional housing authority seems like it would shift more and more risk, cost and impacts away from those that create and profit from impacts to the public. The public would also lose more control to a group of “advisers” who always seem to work for the largest developers and employers. There is no reason that the private sector cannot manage the housing issue that it largely creates with the system and tools now available if they just step up, pony up some cash and do it rather than hemming and hawing and pretending it is not their issue.

The Roaring Fork Transportation Authority is a great resource that makes private affordable solutions all possible. Keep the responsibility and cost where it should be and not muddy the waters by building a complex public system that will ultimately result in shifting the cost on the taxpayer shoulders.

Mark Kwiecienski