Regarding World Cup rugby and the Broncos, Kaepernick |

Regarding World Cup rugby and the Broncos, Kaepernick

It was fantastic to see a black South African hoist the rugby World Cup in Japan on Saturday, well won and thoroughly deserved, beating the much fancied English team in every facet of the game.

I lived and worked in Southern Africa during the apartheid regime of the mid 80s, and never could foresee Nelson Mandela being released from his incarceration on Robben Island, much less being made the president of the country, and embracing Francois Pienaar, the white Springbok captain, when they lifted the trophy in Johannesburg at the ‘95 World Cup.

However, witnessing Siya Kolisi, a black native of a township outside of Port Elizabeth, captain a team of Afrikaners, Zulus and Xhosas to victory on Saturday was beyond my wildest hopes 30 years ago. He is also the husband of a super hot, tall blond, white wife … mind blowing! So there is hope for positive change in our world.

Maybe John Elway, a ballsy player in his playing days, should have the balls to sign Colin Kaepernick, a Super Bowl-proven quarterback, instead of continuing the revolving door of Bronco quarterbacks who have never even taken a snap, fat chance. The 32 NFL owners should collectively hang their heads in shame, for ignoring a player who had the audacity to kneel during the playing of our national anthem, to protest police brutality in our country of liberty and freedom.

Martin Suthren

Aspen and Todos Santos, the Baja