Regarding the Dark Side and Big Brother |

Regarding the Dark Side and Big Brother

It’s common knowledge many Aspen elites read the letters to the editor first. It’s our town’s agora.

It’s also common knowledge that the most powerful unelected kommittee this side of either Moscow or Beijing’s Tiananmen Square is the city of Aspen’s Dark Lord of the Sith, APCHA. Unbelievable but APCHA has their hand in 3000 “units*” around a town with a population of 6,788. They have their own PR firm.

Despite its bylaws, the board’s Kommandant has ruled since the last Ice Age and stated during public comment in front of The Aspen Times that “you cannot criticize us.” The kommittee has decided in secret session on advice from their notorious attorney that they won’t kompromise and will use taxpayer money to defend their joke, a recent Kafkaesque, Orwellian public comment policy written by the police** that was never even voted on. No exaggeration. Honestly, in Aspen’s version of “Game of Thrones,” they’re the hilarious joke that keeps giving.

*Some “units” are four-bedroom homes hand built by their owners.

**#Aspen political Stormtroopers/Sturmabteilung

Lee Mulcahy