Regarding Sackariason, Jesus, the Crowns and APCHA

Don’t let the Carolyn Sackariason’s story fool you (“Aspen’s elected officials show support for commissioner drawn into housing dispute with local man,” July 16, The Aspen Times).

We believe the love of Jesus can conquer all, if we let it. Tribalism runs deep, e.g., Irish fought Irish in our last civil war. And the history between Jews and Christians, yikes.

What do artists do? We shine the light in dark places. Citizens, we live in an oligarchy. Our corrupt political and financial elites have rigged the system, e.g. weapons and Aspen Skiing Co. billionaire Lester Crown. We must fight back.

Lastly, I am ready to show compliance, pay the new fines, and do community service for missing an Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority deadline before taking my recently deceased father’s place on a humanitarian mission to Sotik, Kenya.

Lee and Sandy Mulcahy