Reflecting on untimely deaths


With the recent passing of Sam Coffey, as well as so many others that for one reason or another have left us far earlier than we expected, the question that is inevitably asked within ourselves is “why?”

Over the years, I have asked myself this time and time again, whether it be related to sickness, suicides, accidents, body system failures or the inevitable act of aging. And now with Sam’s untimely death, and its impact on all of his close friends, including my family, I find myself once again wondering … why?

I know that as much as I/we want it, there is sometimes no answer to “why.” So it really becomes a question of “how.” How do we individually and collectively celebrate the lives of those who are no longer here with us in body, but surround us with their undying spirit and the fond memories of their lives well lived.

The “how” can only be answered from within each of us individually. It will take much thought, and it will take commitment. It will require honesty, and it may involve some changes in how we all choose to live our lives and treat others that we share this earth with. I can only hope that it will ultimately help us to heal and to accept. And I’m confident it will help to keep those that we loved and miss deeply alive within us.

Jim Stark