Reelecting Bertuglia the right choice |

Reelecting Bertuglia the right choice

Please join me in voting to re-elect Kristen Bertuglia to the Holy Cross Energy board of directors. Kristen has served on the HCE board for the past nine years and has been instrumental in helping develop the vision, goals and strategies for a clean energy future.

During Kristen’s service on the board, HCE has become one of the most innovative, progressive, and industry-leading electric utilities in the country. She has supported the HCE 70% renewable energy commitment, without increasing rates, and the latest goal, 100 percent by 2030. Kristen has proven her commitment to providing safe, affordable, reliable power, with over $4.5 million returned to HCE members just last year in member equity.

I have served alongside Kristen during many community sustainability initiatives in the Eagle Valley. She is an energetic and tireless champion of initiatives that create better futures for all. Kristen has a deep understanding of the energy and utility industry, energy policy and program development, and solution-oriented partnerships with non-profits and local governments. As Vail’s environmental sustainability director, she is committed to listening proactively to citizen’s and creating solutions for climate change, environment, economy, social equity, diversity, and wildfire resilience.

Kim Langmaid