Reel in campaign donations, expenditures

One of the main obstacles to the climate change crusade is also preventing a free and open democracy in this country: the obscene expense of getting elected to office. With their enormous resources, the fossil fuel industry can buy the vote of any politician who puts getting elected ahead of the will of the people.

Severe restrictions should be put on campaign donations and spending. The Federal Communications Commission should require television and radio stations to offer free advertising to political candidates and limit their number. One commercial per day should suffice.

In the British parliamentary system, Parliament calls an election, holds the election and swears in the new officeholders all in a matter of six weeks. That should be enough time to get your point across.

We all know politicians like Sen. Gardner, Rep. Tipton, and the Garfield County commissioners are beholden to the oil and gas industry. It’s time to cut off the flow of money.

Fred Malo Jr.