Reece has leadership qualities others lack |

Reece has leadership qualities others lack

Mark Reece has been in Aspen for 11 years. From the day he arrived he brought value. A local’s mindset to create things we need here. Slopelanes in Carbondale for families and now Steeps for locals to get together and build our community stronger.

Mark is extremely educated and chose to use his education and his business skills to invest in the middle class of Aspen. He understands what so many locals know: We want more opportunities and choices for our kids to come back to. Current City Council members just don’t have the business skills, higher education or background to advance this need.

Reece chose the hardest times we have known to open a business — and he got it done. He knows how to overcome red tape. He has built great relationships in Aspen and has proven to be a friend to anyone and everyone. I look forward to seeing Aspen implement a more moderate and success-generating approach with the leadership Mark Reece will bring.

Aspen, if we are really going to thrive, we need fresh, focused and experienced city councilmen like Mark Reece.

Renee Mackie