Reece and Endsley for Aspen City Council |

Reece and Endsley for Aspen City Council

As we near election time for Aspen City Council, I must show my support for two specific candidates who deserve more recognition.

Having lived here for nine years now, I can say that Casey Endsley and Mark Reece are at the top of my list of “People I Respect Most” in this valley. Both of whom are longtime Aspen residents. These are the type of men who can see both sides of an issue and have a civil discussion to find a solution. But more importantly, they will fight tooth-and-nail for us, the locals.

Casey, a veteran and now small-business owner, and Mark, a family man and restaurateur, both have their thumbs on the pulse of the community. They know the hardships that we have endured during quarantine and prior. They also know how difficult it is to find housing in this area, and how we have constantly been forced to cater to the tourists regardless of the impact on the local community. But these men are looking to the future of this valley, specifically the mental well-being of our friends and family as we lose way too many to suicides and overdoses every year. I am confident that they have plans to move this community forward in a positive direction.

We all know “Aspen isn’t what it used to be,” but I wholeheartedly believe that Casey and Mark can help make Aspen what it should be. I did not write this to force my opinion on you; I am only urging you to at least consider these two gentlemen for seats on City Council. They have served us for their whole lives already, let them serve us once more.

Early voting begins Friday, concluding March 2. Get out and vote! Good luck Casey Endsley and Mark Reece!

Brendan Berl


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