Redundant programming at Aspen Public Radio |

Redundant programming at Aspen Public Radio

The mass dismissal of all DJs from KAJX’s lineup was a sad day for Aspen’s only public radio station. I have listened to these guys/gals spin jazz, oldies and blues for years and their contribution to the local radio landscape was immense. I wonder if the new station management listens when people call to donate. Many happily admit to leaving KAJX on in the background throughout their day. The musical programming was a soothing reprieve from the chaos bombarding today’s news.

A glance at KAJX’s new schedule is enlightening. Monday through Friday at least three hours a day of programming is repeated. The weekend finds approximately 11 hours of repetitive programming. These shows only have to paid for once, so that should save a dime or two. However, I can’t imagine that Aspen Public Radio needs to cut costs. Money isn’t in short supply in Aspen and support for the station has never waned.

The DJs were volunteers, so the motive to save money probably isn’t valid. Perhaps the station wants to attract a new demographic and management feels jazz in the evening is not desirable to accomplish it. Whatever the reason for dismissing a dedicated group of volunteer DJs, it won’t be fixed with repetitive programming. At the very least, the station should fill every hour with something fresh.

The old adage for people who don’t like the programming applies and will likely be implemented, though I can’t imagine that it’s KAJX’s goal. The KAJX background that has been part of so many people’s daily lives will change along with the channel when the first redundant program airs. If they’re not listening, they could stop donating.

Given the media landscape, they’ll likely be back, but not until the reboot of the news in the morning.

Johnny Boyd

Snowmass Village