Reauthorize Healthy Community Fund |

Reauthorize Healthy Community Fund

As the rains return, the leaves begin to hint of fall and our towns quiet, it is hard not to feel incredibly blessed to live in the Roaring Fork Valley, with its abundance of so many kinds. As lucky as we are, though, none of us are immune to the challenges facing all human beings everywhere: the loss of loved ones, of our health, of our youth; addiction, abuse, loneliness; threats to our way of life from wildfire, drought, climate change.

One fire in our backyard or one trip to the emergency room can remind us how much we need each other, and how much we have in common with our neighbors, with others in the waiting room, and with people everywhere. They remind us of our vulnerability and how grateful we can be for a brave act or a kind word.

This is exactly what the Healthy Community Fund, up for reauthorization this November and passed three times previously by Pitkin County residents, is all about. Supporting 70 nonprofits that provide critical health and human services and community resources to Pitkin County residents and workers, it is about taking care of our community—bringing our best selves forward to acknowledge our interdependence and commitment to supporting each other. It is an antidote to the divisiveness permeating national politics and a pledge of allegiance to our beloved community.

Look for ballots going out in the mail Oct. 15, and please vote “yes” on Ballot Question 1A.

Karin Teague