Realtor shows bias over Basalt gun range |

Realtor shows bias over Basalt gun range

The commentary posted in your June 30 online edition about the Basalt shooting range reflects a very biased opinion by a “real estate advisor” (“CPW not shooting straight about Basalt range working group,”

The gag order Colorado Parks and Wildlife imposed is so the these “real estate advisors” can’t spread their opinion to news outlets as facts. And there were no young, current range users seated on the board because “current young range users” have indicated that all they know how to do is burn down 12,500 acres of land.

“Current young range users” can’t even determine the difference between a tracer round and a normal round by looking at it. So how could they decide how to use a gun range? Ms. Craft’s bias for the real estate community is as obvious as the stupidity of the gun range burners.

James A. Wingers