Reader, not Fox News, is the problem

The Dec. 15 commentary by Dr. Goodwin shows that being an “educated man” doesn’t make one informed (“‘Teflon Don’ no more,” letters, The Aspen Times.). He calls Fox “lying” news and claims Donald Trump is a criminal but provides no evidence of such.

Here are facts for this limited space. For three years we have seen CNN, MSNBC and mainstream media feed us the same baloney he tries; how Trump committed crimes, colluded with Russia and how there was undisputed evidence of such, the FBI didn’t spy on the Trump campaign and so on. CNN and MSNBC even hired proven liars to help spread this false narrative, namely James Clapper (lied to Congress) and Andy McCabe (fired from FBI for lying). Trump’s been investigated by multiple agencies and special counsel and not one of them found a crime committed by Trump. Goodwin implies he knows something the FBI doesn’t; perhaps he should give them that information.

The Democrats’ Articles of Impeachment didn’t note a single crime despite their claims of bribery, etc? The articles written aren’t crimes. The mainstream media either didn’t air or talked over the Republicans’ opening statements in the hearings because they didn’t want the facts to get in the way of their false narrative.

Fox has been reporting for three years how the FBI abused the process, how there was no evidence of Russia collusion, etc. And who was right? Fox. Read the reports instead of relying on CNN, etc., and see how many FBI/DOJ officials are under criminal investigation and how they knew they used false information paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC? The Ukraine courts prosecuted people for interfering in 2016 election. No one at Fox states Russia didn’t interfere; they simply point out Russia wasn’t the only one.

Simple fact checking goes a long way.

Jim Neborsky