Read statute closely, ASD critics |

Read statute closely, ASD critics

Before Jill Teehan Edinger attacks Meredith Carroll for her column last week , I suggest that she (and Joyce Rankin) carefully read the applicable laws of Colorado. (“Parent: Column divisive, ASD survey illegal,” letters, May 18; “It’s hard to be Joyce Rankin,” commentary, May 12, The Aspen Times)

Both women have accused the principal of the Aspen High School of violating the law, and Edinger accused Carroll of condoning such violation. Specifically, Edinger states that the school was required by law to obtain written parental consent before the survey in question was passed out, which she did not do.

Edinger correctly identifies the applicable Colorado statute, CRS 22-1-123. That section is primarily aimed at protecting student data. However, subsection (5) does deal with, among other things, school surveys. The pertinent language of that subsection is as follows: “A school or school district employee who REQUIRES (emphasis added) participation in a survey … shall obtain the written consent of a student’s parent or legal guardian before giving the student any survey.”

It is my understanding that the survey in question that was handed out was not required to be filled out and returned by the students, and that it clearly so stated that fact. Therefore, the principal did not violate any Colorado law, and Carroll did not condone or otherwise support violating any laws.

Mark Rothman


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