Re-elect Shenk to Snowmass Town Council

Re-elect Shenk to Snowmass Town Council

We’ve worked together with Alyssa on the Aspen Sister Cities board for the past three years. She and her family have hosted students in their home and helped volunteer when the students from Bariloche arrived in Aspen. The following year, the family jumped in to help host when we needed them.

Alyssa has initiated our membership drive and database along with willingly helping to refine and rewrite our bylaws. Not only has she been consistent with her participation at our meetings, she has taken on the role of our secretary. She also has collaborated with our city coordinators to create informative handbooks for parents and students for each of our sister cities’ student exchanges.

As a parent, she offers current ideas and suggestions that have improved our programs.

As the Snowmass Village Town Council representative on our committee, she is the voice of Snowmass Village. Her expertise has greatly enhanced the quality of our Aspen Sister Cities’ committee.

She promotes our mission to foster world peace through student, ski patrol and art exchanges with our seven Sister Cities around the world.

We encourage Snowmass Village voters to re-elect Alyssa Shenk.

Jill Sheeley

President, Aspen Sister Cities

Betsy Ann Anastas

Vice President, Aspen Sister Cities