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Rapid testing at Aspen School District but nowhere else?

Please forgive any weird errors in this letter. I may have COVID-19 and it comes with some serious brain fog. So, here is the thing: I had to drive cross country and back last week to clear out our house in Chicago (which finally sold after five years). I seem to have contracted COVID-19, maybe in Nebraska, maybe in Iowa where mask-wearing is apparently an affront to personal freedom. But never fear, I got my primary doc to give me a referral to get tested at Aspen Valley Hospital. Doing the right thing, I then told a friend in Chicago (contact tracing and all that), but also told him that I won’t know for 48 to 72 hours.

Here is our text exchange:

Him: BTW, why does it take so long to get covid results out there?

Me: because they suck

Him: That’s really bad. I’ve been tested 3 times here and always got results in 24 hours or less.


Apparently due to the heroic efforts of some of the women in our community, the Aspen School District now has rapid testing for students and staff. So, we know it’s possible. But for reasons that this layperson does not understand, that capability is not available to regular citizens who are symptomatic. This flies in the face of everything we now know from an epidemiological standpoint to prevent community spread. All I can say is, WTF, people?

Bettina Slusar

Snowmass Village

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