Rainbow flags in Aspen a reminder of God’s love

It is that time of year when the rainbow flags manifest in Aspen!

This year they were out early and my heart was warmed. Those flags symbolize to me a great reminder of the love our creator god has for us! That rainbow and the ones that appear in the sky so often are a constant reminder of his covenant with us of His love and concern.

When he makes a covenant he is good for it, he does not break it. I don’t need to wait for the flags because there are signs all around us everywhere! His love for us is so great that he made sure his word would stay around forever and teach us what to do and not do to make our lives better, the best they can be.

If we don’t have any guidelines, we do not know what that looks like. We have a choice to choose life or choose death. There is nothing we have done that could make him love us less! And there is nothing we can do to make him love us more! He absolutely, unconditionally (without any conditions) loves us! Imagine that! He loved us so much to give his Son, Jesus, to die for us!

Pam Fisher