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Ragnar brings little to Snowmass

The Ragnar race happened last week in Snowmass Village, an annual in which the participants run a relay race with a team of up to 11 people.

Though it is impressive to come to altitude and run as much as the participants do, it is a plague. The participants bring their own groceries, camp, and take up all of the parking at the Snowmass Recreational Center. The event doesn’t bring much to the table for local businesses; perhaps a handful of participants create revenue for hotels, restaurants, and Clark’s Market. But the cons outweigh the benefits.

During the event participants are rude to locals with pompous attitudes, litter can be found around the course, and parking for those who would like to use their membership to the Rec Center is next to impossible to find with the exception of a handful of spots left for use. Why aren’t the participants required to use the intercept lot and ride the bus up? Why do the participants choose to not use crosswalks and dart into traffic elsewhere? The event planning could be much better and the people could be much friendlier to the locals. This has been my two cents on the matter and perhaps my opinion will change in the coming years.

Ross Joyce

Snowmass Village