Racing for the cure

This coronavirus is unbelievable. My NYC asset manager thought it was a usual stock disaster. Not me. I could tell it was a disease, like the medieval “Black Plague” that killed 10 million.

Trump’s flailing at the virus is futile. The stimulus benefits some people will get will last a short time like unemployment. The Treasury secretary said 20% unemployment is to be expected. I think 50% is more realistic.

The stimulus is a joke. Who can work on it if you follow the separation recommendations? Not me!

My recommendation is to pile billions of dollars on scientists, doctors, etc. to find a cure, and next, a vaccine.

I would compare the virus to an atomic war. Stay home or in a shelter. Protect yourself and your family from the virus fallout. Is G0d mad at the world?! He/She could stop this virus in a second … if there is a god.

Prayers are useless. Action will save most of us.

Richard Goodwin

Snowmass Village