Questioning Richards about transportation |

Questioning Richards about transportation

I have a question for Aspen City Council candidate Rachel Richards.

In recent forums you have supported light rail through Marolt Open Space as the answer to the traffic problems at the Entrance to Aspen.

Yet the current council recently spent $500,000 (while you were a county commissioner) to determine that the billion dollar-plus price tag for the light rail from Brush Creek to Aspen would most probably not pass the voters’ litmus test on spending.

The real issue, though, is every time the light rail crosses through an intersection from the airport and along Main Street, all traffic would come to a complete stop for several minutes four times an hour, increasing traffic congestion.

Undoubtedly the added wait times for local traffic from light rail would make everyone extremely cranky, plus this stale discussion would once again start the same rancorous 40-year-old debate.

Isn’t it better to come forward with a new solution that works? Would you support reconfiguring the existing roundabout to add slip lanes and a roundabout at Cemetery Lane? If not, why?

Toni Kronberg

Old Snowmass