Questioning numbers from Hanlon camp on Mitsch Bush |

Questioning numbers from Hanlon camp on Mitsch Bush

Questioning numbers from Hanlon camp on Mitsch Bush

My name is Kyle Feuer and I am the director of communications for Diane Mitsch Bush’s Campaign for Congress. I am including my affiliation with Diane’s campaign to ensure full transparency and disclosure. A recent letter to the editor from Shannon Manfredi, Karl Hanlon’s southwest regional coordinator, requires a factual rebuttal.

Mrs. Manfredi makes some erroneous claims about Diane Mitsch Bush’s past elections. Based on these erroneous claims, she surmises that Diane can’t beat Scott Tipton. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here are the facts.

In 2006, when Diane first ran for County Commissioner in Routt County, the registered voting population of Routt County was as follows: Unaffiliated, 37.9 percent; Republicans, 33.2 percent; Democrats, 27.9 percent. She won the election with 58 percent of the vote, flipping a previously Republican held seat.

As a Democrat, she held that seat until moving on to the State House and when she left the Republicans, once again, took the seat. In her most recent election in 2016, her third election to the Colorado State House, registered Democrats were 29 percent in HD 26 and Diane won re-election with 60.7 percent. These numbers are available and verifiable on the Secretary of State’s website.

Diane would not have received endorsements from the following, just to name a few, if she were dishonest: our former Governor of Colorado, Bill Ritter; our former U.S. Senator, Mark Udall; EMILY’s List; The Hon. U.S. Congressman from Arizona’s 3rd District, Raúl Grijalva; and Aspen’s former Mayor and current Pitkin County Commissioner, Rachel Richards. Voters, myself included, are tired of the negative campaigning and fear-mongering that took hold of the electorate in the 2016 elections.

At the very beginning of this race, Diane took the Colorado Democratic Party’s Clean Campaign Pledge. She has been committed to running a positive, clean, and factual campaign from Day 1. As the election cycle continues to heat up, I encourage voters to do their research, find out the facts, and vote with an informed opinion. I also encourage official campaign affiliates to be transparent and disclose their affiliation with the campaign when writing to the press.

Kyle Feuer

Director of Communications and Outreach