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Quality goes down as prices go up at Snowmass Club

First and foremost, kudos to the Snowmass Club staff who remain the strongest asset not yet tampered with by management.

But here’s yet another frustrated Snowmass Club member along with Dan Shapiro, Esteban Ferrer and 17 others.

Not only did our dues go up during the pandemic and renovation closures, but our only option to spend the exorbitant $800 minimum is at a restaurant with below average choices and above average prices. What’s more, if you want to get a table, good luck — multiple times in the past year I’ve been told there’s no room.

In addition, not only is the lap pool falling apart, but it is kept at an outrageous 82-84 degrees. This isn’t a lap pool but a hot tub. And if you complain about the temperature, you are ignored at best and told to live with it at worst.

Cherry on top, the fitness club has limited its operation hours and if you want to swim, you now have to deal with a reservation system which threatens to penalize you on tardiness.

One friend has already canceled their membership. More will follow soon.

Dr. Etikin Camoglu

Snowmass Village