Puzzled why Aspen, Pitkin are in the Red

When it was published barely a week ago that 1,100 vaccines were being delivered to Pitkin County, I wondered how it could be distributed. I wish to thank all the local EMTs, deputies, police, doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers and numerous volunteers.

The eight-bay tent set up in the parking at Benedict Music Tent parking lot was truly astounding. The efficiency and true caring and concern was heartwarming.

I was told that the Pitkin County Emergency Management Team was notified Jan. 8 that vaccines were coming — so get it done. Please write an article who these leaders and participants are, so we can truly personally thank them.

So, now that we are vaccinating the “vulnerable,” what is the Board of Health purpose in shutting restaurants? Please check that there are a huge amount of available hospital beds in Denver, in the case that Aspen needs to send anyone to lower altitude.

Please inform us locals why the Board of Health put us in the Red zone when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states the safety of vaccines is close to 95%?

Please be honest with us. This Red zone decision is literally killing working families. Where are the answers?

Lorrie B. Winnerman


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