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Putting service in the Postal Service

There has been much comment, with opposing views, on the U.S. Postal Service.

What is missing on both sides of the debate is the importance of the last word in the name of the agency — “Service.”

Like a fire service, or an ambulance service, or a mountain rescue service, the post office is intended to “serve” the public and is not intended as a profit-making agency.

A letter is delivered from Key West, Florida, to Cut Bank, Montana, for 50 cents. Moreover, the Postal Service is often the only means of written and package communication to hundreds of small communities throughout the nation. (Which FedEx, DHL and UPS do not serve at all, or will charge you a small fortune for the exception.)

USPS management itself tries for more efficiency, like no Saturday home delivery or closing excess offices which are proximate to others, but are met with refusal by the Congress! Indeed, the USPS regularly asks for such relief and is rebuffed for political reasons.

Privatization is not the solution to all ills. The post office is a service, and a very good one, and deserves our support.

And it is critical in times of emergency, such as now, and in facilitating maximum participation in voting.

James DeFrancia

Steamboat Springs