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Putin follows Hitler’s footsteps

The historic images of the atrocities committed by the Nazis as they pulled out of areas that held their concentration camps were horrific. We falsely assumed that could never happen again. After all, the monster that infected the Germans was dead. We were wrong. Putin is the new monster who has shown himself the equal of Hitler. His troops have repeated the unthinkable, and Putin and his military are war criminals. In the Nuremberg trials that took place after World War II, the German war criminals defendants said, “We were just following orders.” Then, as now, there is no excuse for “just following orders” and seeing what is being done by Russians in Ukraine.

Is oil worth selling your soul? The United States and all free countries must hold Russia accountable for their evil. Russia is a third world pariah state and should be treated as such. Russia should be shunned and its influence crushed. They should be exorcised from the United Nations and from all economic organizations. The countries who maintain relations with Putin’s Russia should be shunned and sanctioned to the maximum.

Everyone fears that Putin could do something crazy; Russia is, after all, a nuclear power. But Putin is a bully and a coward, and he has already done something crazy. He has attacked a free country whose only offense was that they wanted to be a free western-style democracy. Syria and Chechnya prove atrocities are Putin’s norm. He will eventually invade another country that borders Russia, just like Hitler.

If Putin uses WMDs, should we respond differently? Absolutely! But I feel that we should not sit back after seeing what he has done to civilians in Ukraine. I believe that Russia is a pirate state, and as such their ships should be seized or blockaded before they can commit war crimes in Odessa. I believe we must supply Ukraine with anti-ship missiles and long range surface to air defenses and train their soldiers to use them. If Russia wins any concessions, we lose.

Dick Hampleman