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Put Torre back in office

Our family has been coming to Aspen for years for the offseason elections. This year we’ll be there to support Torre for council. It is always great to stand by his side, meet his constituents and celebrate his involvement and dedication to Aspen.

Vote Torre for council this year and put him back on council to represent your voice.

Torre believes that the reflection of the past plays an important part in shaping the city and in respecting the people of Aspen and their love of the city and area.

Torre listens to what Aspenites say and what they want with an eye toward an even better future for residents. He has always given of himself to Aspen and his constituents.

If you still have questions about who you are voting for, stop by and talk to Torre. We will be waving signs and talking with voters Tuesday on the street. Vote Torre for Council!

Diane DuBose