Put Skippy on council

I am writing to express my utmost support for Skippy Mesirow in the City Council election. In the few years I’ve lived in Aspen, I have yet to meet anyone more committed to serving the city of Aspen than Skippy. Even before getting to know Skippy, his engagement in town was evident, from the Science Center to the Planning and Zoning Commission to Aspen Entrepreneurs.

In December 2015, I was elected to the Next Gen Commission which Skippy chaired at the time. Since then, I have worked closely with him on a number of initiatives and have seen firsthand the quality and thoroughness of his work. As chair, he was a true leader and was able to keep us motivated, organized and focused. Finally, I’m confident in Skippy’s ability to listen to the many opposing voices on Aspen to make thoughtful and transparent decisions.

Mike Rees