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Put Leavitt No. 1 for Basalt

I support Rob Leavitt for mayor. Rob is committed to containing growth and protecting Basalt’s charm and small-town character. Rob is the only candidate with children in our schools and he is focused on improving Basalt’s schools alongside his wife. Rob has proven to be committed to Basalt by serving on Town Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, resulting in a depth of understanding on growth issues.

I have worked with Rob on the mayor’s Cabinet and Basalt Public Shooting Range Task Force and I have found him to be a sincere, intelligent and a critical thinker. He is a thoughtful leader and I trust him to be inclusive and lead Basalt into the future. Quite frankly, Rob has more “skin in the game” in this election.

Basalt’s Home Rule Charter employs the instant runoff when we have three mayoral candidates. If a candidate receives the majority of first-choice votes, they are elected. If no candidates receives a majority of first-choice votes, the candidate receiving the fewest first-choice votes shall be defeated. For each ballot that listed the defeated candidate as first-choice, the second choice shall then be countered as a first choice for the ballot. We have two longtime residents who are highly qualified. My ballot will list Rob Leavitt first and Bill Kane second.

George D. Trantow