Put Americans over corporate profits

The American people are being cheated by the Senate Republicans in the financial rescue package. It heavily favors corporate America and little protection for American people. Corporate America does not need financial help. They have plenty of financial assets and offshore bank accounts. Plus, the Federal Reserve is still sitting on their $4 trillion in profits from the 2008 Recession Quantitative Easing program. So, if corporate America really needs help, they could go to the Fed for a loan.

The American people need the entire $1 trillion or more from the federal government. This money will go back into the economy. The corporate bailouts will not go to workers, but it will be used for stock buy-backs and into their offshore bank accounts. Wall Street has plenty of money. They should never get a bailout after all of the profits they scammed off the American people since 2008 recession.

Randy Fricke

New Castle