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Pushed around by the telecom industry

Nobody likes a bully and no one likes to be bullied. Yet, our community is on the verge of being bullied by a very big bully.

The telecommunication industry is one of the largest and most powerful lobbying groups in this country. It was able to get laws passed on the federal and state level, which basically gives them the right to do whatever they want to do.

Who wants smaller towers? Who wants faster technology? Who wants more convenience? Who wants better? We all do!

Who wants cancer? Who wants brain dysfunction, auto-immune disease, learning disabilities, headaches and more illnesses in our community? No one!

Laws were passed that allow us to inquire about aesthetics and right of way, but we are not allowed to ask about health issues. There are literally thousands of studies linking 5G to numerous health issues. Yes, references are available. There are no safety studies! Zero!

Other communities in this country and around the world are reclaiming their rights to participate and make decisions about their health. They are not trusting the government to have control over their bodies and their health.

Propaganda is being spread about us not being able to do anything. We are being bullied and being told that we must accept 5G. This strategy is similar to the tobacco industry, only it is more diabolical.

Is the telecom industry more interested in their profits or our health? Apparently, they are more interested in their profits.

Tom Lankering