Pushback against Ascendigo proposal disheartening

I’m embarrassed and saddened after hearing of the decision to not allow Ascendigo to move their operations to Missouri Heights. The families and people of Missouri Heights should be ashamed honestly.

Where did we lose our way? How could any healthy neighborhood reject the rights and abilities of a nonprofit such as Ascendigo to help love and educate autistic children and young adults?

We as residents of this inspiring place we call home here in the Roaring Fork Valley all need to check ourselves. Has our lens of the world become so self absorbed that we are now pushing away (with nasty attitudes to boot) people and organizations such as Ascendigo who are simply leaning into some of the most purposeful work this world has to offer in creating space for love to be revealed to those on the spectrum and/or with autism.

The simple fact that the folks up in Missouri Heights choose not to fully embrace their unique opportunity to champion Ascendigo’s efforts with a stampede of community support is egregiously concerning. Have we really gotten to a point where, say, 35 acres of our own land is not enough solitude? Are we all going to truly try to hide in the light of some kind of manufactured disingenuous integrity that we are worried about water, fire and emergency access?

Really … these valid concerns are shared by Ascendigo and every other responsible party trying to make this troubled world a little better place. Why don’t we make a choice to get off our narrow-minded, isolating, “I support your idea,” but not in my back 40 approach to life. When did we get so damn self-centered? When did “being of service” or “being part of the solution” become something we all don’t have a responsibility to uphold?

I just needed to get this epic fail on our communities part off my heart. I want to challenge myself and each of us to take a look deep inside our souls and ask ourselves, do I want to be part of the solution or the problem? Missouri Heights folks, try a fearless look inside and ask yourselves, how are you showing up?

Dirk Eldredge