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Purple mountain majesty

To me it is very sad when people are eager to forfeit the majesty and beauty of these mountains in lieu of a solar farm as a monstrous in-your-face black bulletin board sign, for a city who opposes signage to begin with, to announce to the world that Aspen supports solar energy. How frivolous that is. Let the ones who support that idea put a solar farm in front of their own houses instead and leave the rustic beauty of this place alone. Nature is god’s gift to us and once we destroy its glory, all that is left is a wasteland of rubble. Also do not be fooled — the animals at the proposed site will be disrupted. I believe everyone supports alternate forms of energy but let’s not be too hasty to advertise our theories.

There is a perfect place of disturbed land called the landfill that is not so ostentatious and could be put to an environmentally good use as a solution to appease everyone as the site for a solar farm. Why not there? There is plenty of room to support the project, in fact just the right amount of acreage. The proposed site at the Sanitation District would make the most wonderful playing field for Aspen, an ideal soccer field or whatever — Aspen needs such an amenity badly.

The people who are writing letters supporting solar energy are interestingly from Glenwood Springs and work for Holy Cross, or the Aspen Skiing Co. and are getting the facts wrong to boot, as the site selected does not make a difference to where the energy ends up. It all just goes into the grid and does not service anyone in particular. In fact, it probably will not lower one’s bill. So if everyone is really all about Solar Energy then start supporting Solar Energy up at the dump where it will not be an eyesore and utilizes land that everyone should be pleased with.

Please people don’t destroy the beauty at the Entrance to Aspen. Please support a site change to the dump where everyone would be happy.

Thank you.

Linda Waag

Woody Creek