Public trails belong to everyone |

Public trails belong to everyone

In a recent local newspaper (Aspen Daily News) column, Lorenzo Semple stated the following: “You won’t find me riding my e-bike on our hallowed single-track trails. If you want to ride the ‘good stuff,’ you have to do the work. Some things are still sacred.”

This hits the nail on the head of the egotistical, head-up-your-ass attitude toward e-bikes on single-track trails. I am a 72-year-old disabled veteran with Parkinson’s from agent orange exposure in Vietnam. There are many other people — not necessarily just the elderly, either — with physical limitations that keep us from enjoying the “good stuff.”

The vast majority of single-track trails in our area are on public land and were built with public money. So listen up, Pitkin County commissioners, Aspen City Council and Parks and Recreation, and BLM and White River national forest administrators: Quit kicking the can down the road and make a decision yourselves, don’t wait for the other authorities to do it (the excuse constantly being used).

Quit denying the right of use to so many people simply because we need some electrical assistance to help us enjoy a public amenity.

Gary Pax