Public show of support for Mick Ireland

I attended an event Oct. 3 at Mi Chola in support of various Democratic Party candidates, one of whom is my brother Mick Ireland. In a side conversation with a friend, I mentioned that I hesitate to write letters in support of Mick because I’m his sister and feel that my support may be discounted for that reason. She asked me, “And what does it look like when you don’t offer public support?” She had me there, and so I’ll take advantage of the opportunity to offer my wholehearted support for my brother in a public venue.

Others can enumerate his numerous qualifications for the office of assessor, so I’ll leave that in their capable hands. What I can offer is my support of his character as his sister and as someone who’s known him for all of my life. He’s the person who could make a chore like going to the grocery store an adventure, by offering contests and math puzzles (math still puzzles me, not Mick) to his younger brothers and sister while we shopped. He’s the person who, while camping with his younger siblings, lent our spare blankets to two young men who were cold. When we discovered the next day that the blankets had been absconded with, he countered my outrage by asking me not to be angry because perhaps they needed the blankets more than we did. He’s the person, along with my parents, that taught me what I know about compassion and honesty. He has passed those lessons onto his niece and nephew, showing them infinite patience and devotion over the years.

I’d stake my life on his honesty and moral character, and I’ll do that publicly.

Molly Ireland