Public safety agencies and first responders rose to occasion in 2020

I was happy to see The Aspen Times acknowledge all the “Faces of the Pandemic” article. I would like to acknowledge some other faces. All the public safety agencies and first responders from Aspen to Glenwood Springs.

Since the first reported case these men and woman maintained community safety and response while facing a very unknown virus. They all worked with substandard PPE and risked their own health. The Incident Management Team worked tirelessly for months bringing order to a chaotic situation. Emergency management and all the emergency support functions who procured appropriate supplies and PPE and prepared for the worst.

I would like to thank every police officer, deputy, firefighter, ambulance member, Mountain Rescue member, the Incident Management Team, community service officers and dispatchers. Each one worked unusually long hours for months keeping us all safe. I also would like to acknowledge the Aspen Skiing Co. and the Limelight that provided the space for the Incident Management Team to work.

Every agency I mentioned helped maintain normal emergency service and response to this entire community with little concern for their own safety. It’s my honor and privilege to work with every one of these professionals. Please say thank you the next time you see a public safety professional.

Joe DiSalvo

Sheriff, Pitkin County