Public media needs your support |

Public media needs your support

As the debate around federal funding priorities heats up in Washington and across the country, we invite you to stand beside us around the value of public media. Our two stations broadcast across the state, and here in Aspen they support the whole community — from business owners and retirees to the recreation-industry workers and visitors who relish in the beauty of our valley. We are public television.

At just $1.35 per taxpayer per year — no more than a cup of coffee — federal funding for public broadcasting is a small investment with high return. Americans across the political spectrum support its value; 73 percent of voters both Democrat and Republican are against eliminating federal funding for public television.

Federal funding provides for the operational support that allows us to serve rural communities, ensuring 98 percent of Colorado gets our broadcasts over the air for free. This level of access provides critical support to parents and children — who trust PBS as a safe and reliable source that, research has shown, promotes early learning and improves school readiness. This trust is particularly high in low-income households and communities of color, who watch PBS Kids in higher numbers than commercial children’s programming.

Add to that the civic role we play in the lives of communities across our state. Colorado Public Television and Rocky Mountain PBS share a commitment to local news and public affairs coverage. We represent diverse voices and perspectives across the political spectrum, we ignite community conversations, and we foster an exchange of ideas and information to help our audiences appreciate the complexities around local, national and international issues and how they affect us here at home.

Federal funding for public broadcasting is vital; the civic fabric of our community depends on it. You can stay on top of latest information as the federal funding issue progresses by visiting Protect My Public Media at

Tom Dunton

Board member, Rocky Mountain Public Media

Micah Schwalb

Chairman of the board, Colorado Public Television

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