Public defender’s comments senseless |

Public defender’s comments senseless

After reading Elise Meyer’s senseless, inappropriate comments about the “hate speech” of those who have rightly condemned the criminal behavior/inhumanity of the boy who shot a dog to death, it is apparent that the misguided public defender is unfit to practice law. In fact, she is so far removed from reality that a mental evaluation is in order.

The boy who killed Otis is the very definition of evil and human failure — no excuses. There should be no redemption for certain crimes such as murdering a helpless being. This boy does not belong in society. Another deranged boy in Florida that killed 17 people bragged about how he killed animals.

Show no mercy. The Roaring Fork community should campaign to get rid of the hysterical Meyer and imprison the sociopath boy murderer and toss the key, unless you wish to risk reading about another mass shooting in the future.

Sean Elias

Glenwood Springs